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Where folk roots, spiritual struggle, life, and lyrics intersect
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World/New Age

Welcome to the Southern Underground! If you like music with folk roots, and/or if you like songs that tackle the issues of spirituality and life honestly in an artistically superior way, this music store is for you. You can search and buy any CD from any artist you like, here, but we will be featuring those rare folk who have decided to be lyrically and artistically honest regardless of commerical success. Our spotlight is on the artist who sees their music as a concrete manifestation of the eternal and transcendent. Share this feast with us.

Robbie Robertson
Native American former member of The Band -- U2 would sing backup for him. The best integration of rock and native american folk I've heard. Great lyrics.
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Robbie Robertson Page
Robbie Robertson
Fallen Angel

Vigilantes of Love
One of the few bands from a Christian perspective that aren't sugar-coaters, evangelism-explosioners, or mediocre musicians. The Vigilantes know that real life is a real struggle. The music is great, and the lyrics are honest, insightful, and artistic.
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Vigilantes of Love Homepage
Blister Soul
Parting Shot

Joni Mitchell
Joni is not only an incredible artist, she has produced reams of musically diverse material while, somehow, staying true to her musical and lyrical commitments.
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Joni Mitchell Page (the "frames" option is best)
Chalk Mark in a Rainstorm
The Beat of Black Wings

Emmylou Harris
Once again, a multi-genre artist who is successful in all of them.
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Nashville's Emmylou Page
Roses in the Snow
Wayfaring Stranger

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This Personal CD Store was made by Tripod member TJaguar.
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