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The Pre-Kantian Modern Philosophy Witch Project

René Descartes
Thomas Hobbes
John Locke
Gottfried Leibniz
George Berkeley
David Hume

The Pre-Kantian Modern Philosophy Witch Project

Welcome to the highly unofficial Pre-Kantian Modern Philosophy Witch Project -- a website of unparalleled questionability of usefulness. This site was constructed with the PHI 202 class of Dr. William Davis in mind as an effort to provide a helpful (or at least mildly entertaining) resource for studying for the mid-term examination.

Click on the names at the left to get the skinny (in some places, very skinny) on the philosophers covered up to this point. When this is done, make sure that you find out what really happened to those students mentioned in the prologue.

Very sorry, indeed.
"I am very, very sorry."

Now is the time for a Big Disclaimer. This Website is not authorized nor affiliated in any way with Dr. Bill Davis or Covenant College. The site designer has no clue what is going to be on the Mid-Term other than the handout provided by Dr. Davis. This site will present the highlights of the various philosophers, but by no means claims to provide comprehensive information or even sufficient information to do well on the mid-term. The site designer accepts no responsibility whatsoever for performance on the mid-term. Also, although pains have been taken to accurately represent the views of the included philosophers, some or all of the information on this site may turn out to be inaccurate (if this is the case, you can all guess how I'm going to do on the mid-term). The material on this site is used at your own risk.

Finally, stopping smoking greatly decreases your chances of getting cancer and heart disease.

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