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How It Works

The Races



About the Game

Shagrat's Lair is an online role playing game based on the Rolemaster™ system made by Iron Crown Enterprises, Inc. For those new to such games, role playing games are sort of an advanced version of the games you played as a child where you pretended to be someone (or something) else. In a role playing game, you come up with a persona, called a "character" that you want to "be" in a pretend world. The Game Master comes up with the world and tells you what's going on around you. You get to decide what your character does in this world.

Shagrat's Lair is unique in a number of ways. First of all, none of the players get to be humans; every player has to be some variety of Orc (you can find out more about this in The Races). Second, many role playing games revolve around numbers; numbers tell you how smart your character is, how much damage you take in a fight, etc. Although Shagrat's Lair crunches numbers, this happens "behind the scenes." Information about your character and the world around you will be communicated to you in descriptions, not numbers. Third, many role playing games start you off well into adulthood; your background is mostly incidental and it is usually crafted to explain the choices you've made in making your character. In Shagrat's Lair, it's the other way around. Before joining the group at large, you will go through a short period where you role play growing up in Orcish society. The things that happen to you and the choices you make during this period will shape how your character turns out, just like in the real world.

An Orc shepherds his unique flockIntrigued? Click on the links at the left to learn more about the game and how it works. Be especially sure to check out the Frequently Asked Questions.