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The Reformed Scholars Consortium

About Us

The idea behind RSC is very simple. Christian philosophy seems to be dominated by learning the history of philosophy, and that only for the task of apologetics. Little attention is given to how to actually do philosophy that is philosophy in its own right. Although learning the history of philosophy is important, as are apologetics, the purpose of our group is to bring together the collaborative efforts of Christians who are interested in doing philosophy. It's about getting out of the stands and into the ring.

Regarding our name, "Reformed" refers to those Christians who affirm the body of Biblical doctrine as held by the Reformers and is summarized in documents such as the Three Forms of Unity and the Westminster Standards. "Scholars" refer, here, to those who have a burden to not just observe philosophy, but participate in it. "Consortium" refers to the fact that this will be a collaborative effort founded on sharing, discussion, and critique.

Our group's purpose will be accomplished through the following means:

  • Email discussion group sent to all members
  • Chat room available for both scheduled group chats and one-to-one chatting online
  • Public posting of group members' papers on various subjects for edification, discussion, and critique
  • Group meetings in person for local chapters once every month or so, usually with adequate epistemic lubrication provided

For more information on rules, protocol, paper submissions, etc., please check the Rule of the Order.

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