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Modern Woodmen of America - Chattanooga, TN


  for families…

Modern Woodmen’s fraternal difference provides the foundation that strengthens family life. As a member, you and your family may qualify for these benefits:

  • Family Helpline - Free, confidential telephone counseling service.
  • Scholarships - College scholarship program for member students.
  • Accelerated Benefits - Living benefits for the terminally ill.
  • Medic Alert Membership - A life-saving identification program.
  • Orphan Benefit - Support for member children who are orphaned.
  • Newborn Benefit - Benefits for parents of infants in poor health.
  • Medical Information - A library of free booklets covering various health topics.
  • Fraternal Aid Fund - Financial assistance for premium payments in times of
                                    financial hardship.


  for communities…

Members in many areas participate in rewarding community service projects through local Modern Woodmen units called camps. Camps
help improve the quality of life in communities across America through Matching Fund, Care and Share, and Good Neighbors programs.

Matching Fund projects alone contribute more than $4 million to
community projects nationwide each year.


  for young members…

Tiny tot, junior and teen clubs across America provide social,
educational and community service activities for young Modern
Woodmen members. Club members learn the importance of sharing
with others, caring for those in need and planning for the future.


  for all children…

Nonmember children also benefit from Modern Woodmen activities.
Our free community education programs help more than 1 million
children each year. Programs include Ecology Awareness, Bicycle
Safety, Safety Awareness, Civic Oration, Creative Writing and
Halloween Safety.

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